Here’s what some of our students say…

“I Bought 2 Houses For $2!”
“I bought two houses with just $2 of my own money, which resulted in $17,000 cash up-front
and a further profit of $72,000 on the back-end. Plus, I’m now learning a new skill.”

– TC, Sydney

“Monthly Cash Flow Of $8,400-$10,600!”
“By renovating my Mother’s house using Cherie’s system and using one of Rick’s strategies
we are on track to achieve an increase in value from $800,000 to $1,800,000 and create a
monthly cash flow of between $8,400-$10,600 per month for the next 30 years. This will take
her through to 97 years of age without any need to rely on the government pension or even
her own super!”

– R King, WA

“My Income Nearly Doubled In Just 8 Weeks”
“After attending my first Seminar with Stuart Zadel, I was astounded at the result I achieved
in such a short period. The learning’s I gained from these experts found my income nearly
doubling in just 8 weeks from the seminar.”

– Brett West

“Potential Loss Into A $97,000 Profit Within 16 Weeks”
“Using your renovation strategy, I turned a potential loss into a $97,000 profit within 16

– Julia Murphy, Sydney

“Additional Income Of $1,000 Per Month!”
“Stuart has really helped me to get traction on my journey to financial freedom. I have
been able to maintain an additional income of around $1,000 a month, whilst living a normal
lifestyle and maintaining full time work, achieved within 5 months of seeing Stuart live.”

– Thomas Kovacs

“$80,000 Instead Of $10,000!”
“Nine months ago I attended one of Stuart Zadel’s conferences in Perth. At that stage I had
an investment property that wasn’t making me any money and was costing me about $7,000
annually to own, so I wasn’t getting anywhere… One of the tools Stuart gave me was a goal
setting tool where I set myself a goal for 12 months. That goal was to achieve $10,000 within
that period through property investment. What I actually did was ending up earning $80,000
from a property sale within 9 months… it’s phenomenal the success just that little exercise
that Stuart does and he’s got so many more to share with everybody.”

– Jason Chittenden, Perth

“I’m Making Over $750,000 Per Year And Loving It!”
“Australia’s Top Renovator has been a fantastic mentor to me over the past 4 years. Using
these super-advanced strategies I have been able to escape a mundane job and become
an active property entrepreneur. I am making over $750,000 per year and loving it!”

– Ronite, Sydney

“I completed the Tradeability Income course with Trading Pursuits 6 months ago and I mark
this time as a turning point for me financially. My expectations for potential return have now
been completely blown away having generated a massive 800% return. My purchase of their
course was actually an impulse buy, but I can certainly say I am extremely happy with the
result (best impulse buy yet!). The ongoing support from their company is fantastic. I can’t
recommend the Trading Pursuits team enough.”

– Stephanie Martin, Victoria

“After attending my first Stuart Zadel seminar, I invested in Daniel Kertcher’s trading
education courses. Within 6 weeks I started making passive income. After making an
average 5% return per month by using the low risk strategies Daniel teaches, I was ready
for more. I have recently attended Daniel’s Master course and now have the knowledge and
confidence to get more aggressive with my trading strategies. After searching for many years
I have finally found the answer to replacing my income. Thank you Stuart and Daniel for
opening my mind to new opportunities and providing the knowledge and support to help me
start achieving my goals.”

– Mark Connor