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Dear Friend,


If you want to discover how to create a passive income stream of between 10k-50k And More... every month... this could be one of the most profitable messages You will ever read.

The money-making strategies you will discover are perfect as an additional income for any property investor or even by themselves as stand-alone strategies for financial freedom.

Here's What It's All About

Normally I write to you and let you know about brand new ways to make money in property.

Today I have something equally exciting to tell you... and a little different...

You see - making money in property is a great strategy... however there are a stack of wonderful quick and easy ways to make even more money that are perfect for any property investor.

I've personally used many of these strategies and have built 6-7 figure income streams from them.

There Are Multiple Lucrative Income Streams
Outside Property Investment... Just Waiting For You
To Claim Them...

If you’ve been on my list for a while - You have heard about many ways to make money in property.

You can renovate, flip houses, buy below market value, and the list goes on and on...

These are amazing strategies. You can use them to become financially free and break free from the daily grind most people are stuck in.

You can use them to take control of Your finances and secure the future of you and your family... And be able to afford life’s luxuries that maybe out of reach for you right now.

If you’re like most people I meet at my seminars - I know that’s what you want.

I want the same for you.

My mission is to maximise the wealth you can create in your life and that’s why I want to share with You all the ways I know to make money out there.

Here’s what I mean...

A Story Of Wealth Creation That Keeps
Growing... YOU Can Be Part Of That Story...

Back in May 2007, I decided to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the book, 'Think and Grow Rich' with over 700 people. They packed into a Sydney Amphitheatre in a special wealth creation seminar.

Many hardened seminar goers are still calling it the 'single greatest marketing, cash generating, information-packed event', ever witnessed in this country.

Inside this seminar... I shared the principles of the best book ever written on wealth creation... 'Think and Grow Rich'.

I also shared multiple different ways that someone can make money. This book: Think and Grow Rich had a massive influence on my life. It helped me understand true wealth creation and helped me create multiple income streams.

I’ve personally used the principles in this book to build two SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES, a multi-million dollar debt-free property portfolio as well as reaching many personal goals, so I can confidently say they work.

And they could work for YOU too.

This first seminar marked the beginning of my company – TGR Seminars. The ‘TGR’ stood for Think and Grow Rich.

We focus in this company on helping people like YOU make money in property investment over the last 10 years.

We changed our company name a few years ago to Zadel Property Education, but we never forgot the core part of our original mission statement... To create as many financially abundant Australians as possible.

And now in 2016, some 9 1/2 years later, we've hosted literally 100's of events, educated well over 40,000 people... and are currently celebrating our 10th Anniversary Birthday Year.

Marking this one-off occasion is something very close to my heart... so, I’m celebrating by giving you a very special ticket to a completely BRAND NEW 2-Day event where people interested in property investment can learn how to expand their financial destiny with brand new strategies.

This Wealth Creation Event Is For You If:

  1. You want to break free from your daily grind and experience financial freedom...
  2. You’re a Job-Owner looking for the BEST ways to generate multiple sources of income flowing into your life (without the risks of leaving YOUR JOB or starting a traditional business)...
  3. You’re a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ Business Owner looking to double or triple your CASH FLOW, accelerate your new customer acquisition rate or ‘bolt on’ some new income streams or new channels to sell your products...
  4. You’re a budding Internet Entrepreneur looking for the best high reward/low risk strategies to make money online and/or help others “take their business online”...
  5. You’re a fan of the book Think and Grow Rich, and you’d like to develop the ‘millionaire mindset’ for success and unlock the limitless potential inside you...

The Real Secret Of Financial Freedom Is...

Multiple Income Streams

Ask any 'wealthy' person on the face of the planet... and they will tell you they have multiple income streams coming in every month.

Property is usually one of their income streams, but they usually have many more.

Having multiple income streams is one of the core teachings in my seminars... 9 years ago and today.

Nothing has changed.

Having multiple income streams not only increases the amount of cash you have coming in – it also helps protect you from ups and downs in the property market and all sorts of other risks.

It makes your income and your future more secure.

Many Lucrative Income Streams Can Be Set Up Quickly And Easily... With Just A Few Hours A Week

Thanks to advances in the internet and technology over the last 10 years, we are living in a brand new world. This is a world where you can set up multiple income streams in a matter of days sometimes.

They are often quick and simple to get the hang of and can be working for you almost immediately. And there’s another massive advantage of the little-known income streams you’re about to discover...

You Can Experience The Ultimate In Passive Income

Many of the lucrative income streams you’re about to discover are PASSIVE in nature. That means you just need to set a system up once and it makes money on auto-pilot for you from there on. This works perfectly for many of our clients who are interested in property/investment.

You can use these ‘set and forget’ income generating systems to make money while you sleep.

Would you like that?

You can do the exact same thing.

Sound good?

Then keep reading...

Your Life Transformed In 2 Days...

Sometimes the biggest changes in your life come down to one event or meeting one person... And all you need to do is model what that person is doing to get the same results in your own life. You’re about to meet 10 of the Leading Wealth Creators in Australia today. They have a stack of knowledge they can share with you that you can leverage to create an extra $10k-$50k a month in your life.

I guarantee any one of these wealth creation experts has the potential to change your life forever, if you follow their strategy, step-by-step.

Announcing the:

The Ultimate Think And Grow Rich Wealth Creation Conference

Over 2 momentous days, 10 of the 'richest' entrepreneurs in Australia are about to reveal exactly how they generate massive cash flows of $10k, $20k, $30k and even $50k per month or more... with their proven strategies to live a lifestyles of choice and abundance... and how you can too!

Before We Go Any Further... Here’s A Quick Sneak-Peek Of
The Experts You’ll Be Seeing LIVE At This 2-Day Event:

Dr. Naomi Findlay PhD

Dr. Naomi Findlay PhD

Internationally Renowned Renovation Expert

Naomi Findlay Media appearance

‘Discover How To Renovate Property For Wealth With The Rapid Renovation Formula™

Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert, Dr. Naomi Findlay PhD, is an internationally renowned renovator, award-winning property stylist, adult educator and Interior Designer.

Naomi has been a part of more than 110 renovation projects and currently works with over 200 home owners each year to create beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces using her Rapid Renovation Formula™ to maximise the value of their properties for sale or rent.

During this highly informative session, Dr. Naomi Findlay PhD will reveal:

tick The 4 foundations to building a successful and highly profitable renovation business.
tick The 6 key elements to renovating for wealth – including how to find a project, planning and managing the renovation, connecting with the buyer and how to make more money on auction day.
tick How to use 'Space Medicine' when planning your renovations.
tick Why 'Property Styling' is so important to your renovation and how to maximise your profit.
tick And much, much more!
Matt And Amanda Clarkson

Amanda & Matt Clarkson

World’s Leading eBay Experts

Matt And Amanda Media appearance

‘Discover How You Can Profit Now With The Online Shopping Revolution’

There is a massive opportunity out there for you to make life changing money on eBay and Matt and Amanda are perfectly positioned to help you make that lucrative online income.

In this session Matt & Amanda will reveal:

tick Why eBay Is The Fastest, Proven Way For Anyone To Make Money Online Right Now.
tick The Old Way vs The New Way Of Making Money On eBay & How To Bridge The Gap.
tick Cash Is King… 4 Ways You Can Make Money on eBay Faster & Easier.
tick 5 Golden Steps To Automated eBay Riches Where Your Freedom Begins.
tick How Matt & Amanda Helped Others Like You Get What They Want & How They Can Help You Too.
tick And So Much More...
Matt And Liz Raad

Liz & Matt Raad

Website Investors and Online Entrepreneurs

“Matt and Liz, you have been an amazing influence in our lives, and actually the saving grace for us in one of our darkest financial seasons. The strategies you have taught us have helped us create multiple 6 figures in revenue - we probably would be bankrupt without your training & help. Thank you so much!”

– Leoni, Gold Coast QLD

‘Discover How To Buy Cash-Generating Websites And Build A Portfolio Of Valuable Online Real Estate’

If you ever fantasised about having passive income coming in while you were off at the beach or doing something nice with your family – then Matt and Liz can help. They are leaders in online marketing and business education training. Together they have amassed a fortune over the last few years, buying websites online and selling them on, or keeping them for a residual profit every month.

In this dynamic session Matt & Liz will reveal:

tick Insights Into Their Step-By-Step System On How To Buy And Renovate Websites For Cashflow.
tick The 3 Simple Steps They Use To Renovate Them And How To Pay Them Off Quickly So You Can Buy More!
tick Which Websites To Buy, How To Value Them, And How To Do Your Due Diligence.
tick And So Much More...
Brett McFall

Brett McFall

Marketing, SEO And Online Business Coach

Brett McFall Media appearance

‘Discover The 3-Step Secret To Starting Your Own Profitable Online Business (Even If You’re A Beginner!)’

Brett is a leading online business coach for complete beginners who want to make life-changing income online. He’s there to help you create a brand new source of recession-proof income.

In this unique session Brett will reveal:

tick How To Get As Much Highly Targeted Traffic As You Want To Your Sites For Free.
tick What’s Changed Online – So That Any Willing Person Can Now Have Their Own Online Business Working For Them On Virtual Auto-Pilot.
tick How To Create Hot-Selling Products... Powerful Sales Copy... And Captivating Websites Without Doing Any Of The Work.
tick Discover The Secret For Finding 'Hungry Niche Markets' In As Little As 60-Seconds.
tick Why You May Have Failed In The Past To Start An Online Business.
tick And So Much More...
Brett Thomson

Bret Thomson

Copywriter, Coach, Speaker, And Conversion Specialist


‘Proven Marketing Secrets To Double Your Website Conversion And Create A Flood Of New Leads & Sales On Demand!’

Bret Thomson is one of Australia’s highest paid, in-demand copywriters, marketing conversion strategists, a best-selling author, speaker, coach and mentor to thousands.

Bret has been the 'secret weapon' behind some of the largest (and most profitable) direct response marketing campaigns in Australia. His 'wickedly' effective ability to nail the BIG IDEA is admired and respected by even the most seasoned marketing experts.

He consistently creates successful multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for his clients, and is responsible for the marketing behind some of Australia’s largest seminars and events.

Sam Cawthorn

Sam Cawthorn

Public Speaker, Author and Philanthropist

Sam Cawthorn Media appearance

‘Discover How To Position Yourself And Get Paid As A Speaker’

There is a fortune to be made as an in-demand speaker and Sam can show you exactly how to position yourself to take full advantage of this demand in the market. Sam is CEO of The Speaker Institute where he helps speakers get their message out to the world. He has also written 6 books including an International Best Seller and has started a charity helping disabled children. In 2015 he was Entrepreneur of the Year and young Australian of the Year.

In this motivational session Sam will reveal:

tick His 4-Step ‘Niche Positioning System’.
tick The 5 Stages of Story Telling.
tick What Not To Do In Your ‘Non-Verbal Intelligence’.
tick The 5 Secrets To Winning A Paid Speaking Engagement In 4 Weeks.
tick And So Much More...
Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn

Managing Director & Co-founder - Thankyou

Daniel Flynn Media appearance

Discover How To Turn Dreams Into Reality As Daniel Shares His Incredible Journey That Is Changing The World One Idea At A Time

At the age of 19, struck by global poverty and excess consumer spending, Daniel Flynn and a group of friends founded Thankyou Water (now Thankyou) - a social enterprise that exists to empower Australians to change the world through a simple purchase.

Through their range of over 30 consumer products across the water, boy care and food ranges, Thankyou funds safe water access, hygiene and sanitation training and immediate food aid plus long-term food solutions to people in need. To date, the social enterprise has given over 2.5 million to projects spanning 16 countries. Thankyou's products are distributed through over 4000 outlets across Australia including Coles, Woolworths, IGA and 7-Eleven. In April 2015, they announced funding for their first Australian project, giving consumers the opportunity to now change lives locally as well as globally.

In 2014, Daniel was named Victorian Young Australian of the Year and was an honoree in the JCI Ten Outstanding People of the World Program. Most recently, Daniel was awarded the Southern Region Ernst & Young 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Stuart Zadel

Stuart Zadel

Wealth Creator and Best-Selling Author

Stuart Zadel Media appearance

‘Discover How To Get Your Mindset For Wealth Generation Set For Success’

Your host and MC Stuart Zadel is one of Australia’s freshest and most prominent wealth education experts. He has educated over 40,000 people in wealth creation in the last 9 years and specialising in leadership, entrepreneurship and, most importantly, the mindset for success.

Over the course of the 2 days Stuart will reveal:

tick How To 'Think And Grow Rich' – As He Specifically Pulls Apart The Key Principles From This Great Book, Teaching Them Live Before Your Eyes.
tick The One Thing It Takes To Be Wealthy, What 94% Of The Population Have Got Wrong And The Startling Realisation On Why You’re Likely Not Wealthy Already.
tick His #1 Success Secret – Distilled From 22 Years’ Business And Life Experience. Do This And You’ll Win, Don’t, And You’ll Know There’s No Success Without It.
tick The 5 Essential, Yet Overlooked, Elements To Real Success In All Areas Of Your Life.
tick And So Much More...

The Fast-Track Secret To Wealth And Success You Will Discover...

The secret to success is not hard work. It’s not putting in a tonne of hours and sweat and hard labour.

‘The real secret to success is copying the ideas of people who are already where you want to be. And just doing what they are doing.’

You could go out there and try to figure money-making strategies out yourself – but that could take years. And there are many scams and false promises out there. Don’t fall for them. Get access to what is actually working right now.

Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like With Just One Of These Revolutionary Wealth-Creation Secrets Working For You...

With just one of the strategies you’re going to discover... your life can completely transform.

You could:

  • Get more money coming in than you know what to do with
  • Create passive income streams that make you money while you sleep
  • Have freedom and independence like never before
  • Take that luxury holiday
  • Eradicate your personal debt
  • Secure your future and your family’s future

Can Completely Transform...

Just one day in the company these wealth creation experts can make a massive difference to your life. Can you imagine your life being totally different to how it is right now??

Right now money may be an issue for you in your life. You may have to think about your spending. You have to budget and go without certain luxuries. You may be worried about the future or what you would do if you lost your job.

Maybe right now you feel trapped in a job where you are trading your time for money. Where do not get enough time for yourself. Each day maybe the same old hum drum existence where one day fades into the next.

And the big problem is – you do not really have control over your income. Over what happens next in your life... Over the security and freedom of you and your family.

Yet here is what’s interesting … those people who have met these wealth creation masters have experienced a different kind of life. Those who have attended my Think And Grow Rich Conference have seen massive shifts in their finances – lifestyles – and personal happiness.

Are you ready to be next?

  • Imagine having a life you are excited by with all the holidays, cars, toys, and freedom you’d ever need.
  • Imagine living a debt free life.
  • Imagine having a business that works for you – making you money even when you’re sleeping.
  • Imagine not having to answer to a boss or anyone else for that matter.
  • Imagine having enough money – so you never have to worry about it ever again.

You can have all of the above.

It just takes a different approach.

All you need to do is adopt a new mindset and that part is easy.

You also need to discover the secrets of people who are living this kind of lifestyle already. Once they share their strategies and methods with you – and you follow them, step by step – the rest is simple. You just take action and watch a new reality unfold in your life over the coming year... a new reality with a better lifestyle, more money, and more freedom.


Just A Tiny Donation... Let me explain...

Over your 2 days with these wealth creation experts – YOU will discover how to create a passive income stream of $10k, $20k, $30k... Even $50k a month.

One hour consulting with just one of these wealth creation experts could set you back at least $500... minimum.

And you are getting access to 10 of these experts in one room. Any one of their strategies has the power to completely change the course of your life, business, income and future. And you are bound to find at least one strategy that excites you – that you can run with.

Other seminars where the line-up is not nearly as good could cost you about $497 minimum to attend. You don’t have to invest that today though...

Here’s the deal...

The best part here is that this mountain of money-making information is yours for just a measly $47 donation, but hurry before I introduce the full ticket price of $497 to attend.

Now I’m guessing you might be thinking...

“Why Am I Giving You A Ticket
Valued At $497 Each For A Tiny $47 Donation?”

Two reasons.

First, we here at Zadel Property Education are guided by our 2020 Vision and our Top 5 BIG Goals. One of which is to contribute $1,000,000 to worthwhile causes. We’ve already contributed over $434,000 and your $47 donation will go 100% towards that goal as you’ll see at the event (I’ll be paying for all the event running costs).

Second, one of the things Napoleon Hill teaches in his powerful book Think and Grow Rich is that in order to achieve ultimate success like the billionaires you need to gain ‘Specialised Knowledge’.

Now, I’m a big believer in sharing success with others... so because Think and Grow Rich is one of the reasons I’m able to enjoy the life I want, I’m celebrating it by giving you an incredible truckload of fantastic ‘Specialised Knowledge’... for just $47!

You see, over the last 79 years it’s become the World’s most famous, best-loved wealth creation and personal achievement book and has inspired millions of everyday people to create a rich and abundant life... so what better way to celebrate its Anniversary than by helping more people do just that...

Hit the secure my seat button below right now...

It sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

Actually there’s really no catch. Your ticket is available for just a measly $47 donation, 100% of which will go to one of our worthwhile causes (I’ll be paying for all the event costs completely).

The public ticket price for the Ultimate Think and Grow Rich Wealth Creation Conference is $497, and I intend to introduce this shortly, but right now you’ve qualified to receive your ticket for just a measly $47 donation. Go ahead and secure your seats before they all book out.

Since this event will be a sell out quickly (and tickets are valued at $497 each), the only thing I’ll ask you to do to secure your place is contribute a measly $47, which we'll donate 100% to one of our worthwhile causes.

AND it gets even better...

100% FREE!


Valued at $497 – YOURS FREE!

Think and Grow Rich Home Study Program – Yours FREE (RRP $497) when you attend the entire event! To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event, we are releasing this very special physical Home Study Program containing 500+ page workbook with study questions and answers, plus 10-Disc Audio Recording Pack.



Valued at $35 – YOURS FREE!

Limited Edition Hard-Cover Copy of Think And Grow Rich – Yours FREE (RRP $35). When you attend the event, you will receive a special hard-cover edition of Think And Grow Rich. Only 1,000 copies of this will be produced.


That’s an incredible $500+ worth of FREE BONUS gifts, on top of your ticket valued at over $497. If you’d like to REGISTER NOW for your Ultimate Think and Grow Rich Wealth Creation Conference simply click the button below.

Act Now While There’s Still Time

The wealth creators attending this event draw large crowds by themselves. They fill stages and arenas around the world. Combine them all together and the demand for tickets is through the roof. If you are seeing this page right now – there is still time to claim your ticket for this event. But not for long.

You need to act now to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Hit the secure my seat button now.

Don't Make This Awful Mistake

Don’t make the mistake of not deciding to take this opportunity up right now and make sure you secure your seat at this event. Do not the let the pain of regret dog you for the next year because you missed out in this opportunity to change your life for good. Do not be sitting there in the same job and financial situation next year with all the money problems you may have right now.

Decide to change all of that today and take the first step in making a massive shift in your finances.

You’re At A Fork In The Road Right Now...

You can of course do nothing. In which case nothing will change.

The same problems you have will be there that are money related and will remain there... And may even get worse over time.

Because we always get more of what we are focussed on and the mindset we have brings more of the same into our lives.

The other option here is a real no-brainer.

Take a risk $47 decision right now and create a new life of financial freedom and abundance... Live the kind of life you deserve.

Get the respect and status and freedom that is rightful yours.

Do not let this opportunity slip by.

Sydney Wesley Conference

Wesley Theatre, Sydney

PLEASE FREECALL 1800 899 058

DATE: Fri 16th - Sat 17th September 2016

VENUE: Wesley Conference Centre (Wesley Theatre),
220 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

REGISTRATION: 7:40am Registration

TIMES: Fri: 9:00am - 9:00pm & Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm

Yes Stuart, I want to register my seats immediately & I understand there will be an opportunity to purchase further educational products and services at the event.

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You’ve Got An Important Decision To Make

Listen – In a few short weeks from now, you could be waking up every morning to a thriving cash machine business. You switch on your laptop in the morning and check the sales from the night before while you sip your coffee.

You feel relaxed and peaceful because you just broke free from the daily grind and any money worries you have are a distant memory. You don’t even have to give up your job but soon you’ll be making so much money that you may want to.

The wisest man I ever knew told me something I never forgot.

He said "most people are too busy earning a living to make money".

Don’t take as long as I did to find out he was right.

I’m not asking you to believe me, just try it out.

If I’m wrong, you have lost nothing.

But what if I’m right?

Secure your seat right now and see for yourself.

After registering, you'll receive instant confirmation via email. This confirms you have secured your seat. Then you'll get an official confirmation letter in the post.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.


PS. Tickets to attend this one-off event WILL book out… and are currently available for just a $47 donation. Please order right now, while you're still reading. There's no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing seminar for yourself… and yet this red hot opportunity may never be offered again! So don't let this chance to change your life and business forever slip by you!

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