Check out some of the results our students have achieved...

  • I Bought 2 Houses For $2!

    "I bought two houses with just $2 of my own money, which resulted in $17,000 cash up-front and a further profit of $72,000 on the back-end. Plus, I'm now learning a new skill."
    - TC, Sydney

    My Income Nearly Doubled In Just 8 Weeks

    "After attending my first Seminar with Stuart Zadel, I was astounded at the result I achieved in such a short period. The learnings I gained from these experts found my income nearly doubling in just 8 weeks from the seminar."
    - Brett West

  • Potential Loss Into A $97,000 Profit Within 16 Weeks

    "Using your renovation strategy, I turned a potential loss into a $97,000 profit within 16 weeks."
    - Julia Murphy, Sydney

    Additional Income Of $1,000 Per Month!

    "Stuart has really helped me to get traction on my journey to financial freedom. I have been able to maintain an additional income of around $1,000 a month, whilst living a normal lifestyle and maintaining full time work, achieved within 5 months of seeing Stuart live."
    - Thomas Kovacs

  • Monthly Cash Flow Of $8,400-$10,600!

    "By renovating my Mother's house using Cherie's system and using one of Rick's strategies we are on track to achieve an increase in value from $800,000 to $1,800,000 and create a monthly cash flow of between $8,400-$10,600 per month for the next 30 years.
    - Richard

    $80,000 Instead Of $10,000!

    "Nine months ago I attended one of Stuart Zadel's conferences in Perth. At that stage I had an investment property that wasn't making me any money and was costing me about $7,000 annually to own, so I wasn't getting anywhere...
    - Jason Chittenden, Perth

  • In Just 9 Months!

    "I am pleased to report that nine months later, the income generation strategy I choose to do through Trading Pursuits now makes an additional 30% of my monthly working salary!
    - Alex Lo – Perth WA

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